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Learn Russian on the go :

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*Online Subscription & online services are accessible for one user aged 13 and up. 12-month initial term commitment and autorenewal

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The Rosetta Stone difference.
And promise.

Rosetta Stone was founded on two concepts. The first is that learning a language
should be a natural, intuitive process. The second is that interactive technology has the power
to accelerate, personalize and simplify language learning for anyone at any age.

It simply works.

  • Learn Russian at
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Our exclusive techniques unlock the natural language-learning abilities in everyone.
Today they are used by millions of learners worldwide. But the only experience that really matters is yours.
So set your goals, then trust us to help you achieve them.

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  • “After four months of using Rosetta Stone, I am the most confident that I have ever been in my ability to engage in conversation.”

    -Laurel Ryan


  • “We have 2 million followers and counting!”



  • “The gold standard of computer-based language learning.”



  • “Love learning foreign #language & love Rosetta Stone”



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Russian fun facts

Russian, the official language of the Russian Federation, has more than 140 million native speakers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other former Soviet republics. It's the seventh most spoken language in the world by total number of speakers.

Moscow's famous Red Square doesn't get its name from the surrounding red walls, nor from its association with communism in the 20th century. Rather, it comes from the Russian word "krasnaya," meaning red or beautiful. Red Square is home to some of the country's most important landmarks. Learn More

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Why should you
learn Russian?


Facts about the Russian language

Russian, the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, is classified as one of the Indo-European languages and is one of the three surviving Eastern Slavic languages: Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian. With its sultry linguistic dance and Cyrillic alphabet, it's the seventh most-spoken language in the world.

Who speaks Russian?

Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation and other ethnic autonomies in the greater Eurasian region, is an official language of the United Nations and World Health Organization, and is spoken by over 260 million people worldwide. Fans of literature will be quick to tell you that passionate Russian authors, such as Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Nabokov, wrote some of the best works known to booklovers to date.

Russian culture and history

A unique symbiosis of European and Asian traditions, modern-day Russian culture has roots that stretch as far as its present-day borders. With Slavic and Tartaric blood, and heavily influenced by its 200-year Mongol rule, Russian culture is steeped with a deep sense of independence and the people are known for their strength of spirit and love of the arts. The worlds of music and dance have been forever impacted by the Russians, whose support of the arts is not only ardently executed, but much appreciated by the rest of the world. Some Russian artists have become household names, like ballet dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Anna Pavlova, and composers like Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky. Instrumental and vocal music are also a large part of the culture, along with the still-present telling of folklore. To hear an age-old tale recounted in its original language could be reason enough for you to learn Russian.

The importance of learning Russian for business

Russian is one of the BRICS languages, so-called because of the rapidly growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The benefits of learning a language for business are well documented, but people who bypass learning the most common languages and select one spoken in the above-mentioned nations will distinguish themselves in a competitive market.

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