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Indonesian fun fact

Indonesia is the world's fourth most-populous country. Its official language is Bahasa Indonesia, a standardized form of Malay that's used as the lingua franca throughout the archipelago. Learn More

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Why should you
learn Indonesian?


About the Indonesian language

Indonesia is the world's fourth most-populous country. Its official language is Bahasa Indonesia, a standardized form of Malay that's used as the lingua franca throughout the archipelago.

Indonesian is easy language to learn

The Indonesian language uses the Latin writing system, which was brought to the region by the colonial Dutch who ruled from 1800 to 1945. Indonesian is said to be an easy language to learn. Just as in English, the word order is subject–verb–object (learning a new word order can throw many language learners off.) Verb tenses are also simple to learn because there are none; inserting time-specific words indicates time.

Why is learning Indonesian important?

If you've ever dreamt of exploring an ancient and culturally rich island nation, Indonesia is the place for you. If you speak Indonesian, people who speak over 700 native languages will understand you on every one of the nation's 13,466 islands.

Fun fact about the Indonesian language

Indonesian is a member of the one of the largest language families in the world, the Austronesian language family. It spans from Madagascar to Easter Island, and from Taiwan to New Zealand. Including over 1,200 languages, it's considered to be one of the best-established ancient language families in terms of historical documentation and age.