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Learn Hindi on the go :

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*Online Subscription & online services are accessible for one user aged 13 and up. 12-month initial term commitment and autorenewal.

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The Rosetta Stone difference.
And promise.

Rosetta Stone was founded on two concepts. The first is that learning a language
should be a natural, intuitive process. The second is that interactive technology has the power
to accelerate, personalize and simplify language learning for anyone at any age.

It simply works.

  • Learn Hindi at
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  • 30-Day Money
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Our exclusive techniques unlock the natural language-learning abilities in everyone.
Today they are used by millions of learners worldwide. But the only experience that really matters is yours.
So set your goals, then trust us to help you achieve them.

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  • “The gold standard of computer-based language learning.”



  • “This is my second day using Rosetta Stone and its a very user friendly program! I like the dynamic learning activities and the pictures are all so captivating.”

    –Elizabeth Beatty


  • “Love learning foreign #language & love Rosetta Stone”



  • “We have 2 million followers and counting!”



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Hindi fun facts

Hindi, the principal language of over 40 percent of the people of India, is rooted in ancient Sanskrit but is also colored by centuries of other influences. Hindi is spoken by over 450 million people globally, making it one of the widest reaching languages in the world.

Bollywood is the name for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai. It's only part of a huge Indian film industry, which includes other production centers producing movies in a variety of languages. Learn More

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Why should you learn


About the Hindi language

Hindi is a direct descendant of Sanskrit and belongs to the Indo-Iranian language family, which includes Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, and more. The first official language of India—English being the second—Hindi is the mother tongue of 425 million people and the second language for more than 120 million people worldwide.

About the script

Hindi is written in the Devanagari script. Written left to right, Devanagari has 52 symbols and, like many Latin-based languages, accents to indicate nasalization and aspiration. The word Devanagari stems from two words—deva, meaning "deity," and nagari, meaning "city"—which are indicative of its religious and everyday use.

Hindi is a world language

One of the BRICS languages, Hindi has been identified as being a must-learn language for anyone who is of the mind to conduct international business. Whether you're working with Indian companies remotely or finding employment in the booming Indian job market, Hindi is an excellent choice to have as your second language!

Get to know the culture

Before you travel to India, you may want to get a taste of more than a good daal or tandoori. Bollywood is the century-old Hindi-language film industry and is the most prolific of its kind in the world, releasing over one thousand films a year. Along with its bright colors, animated actors, and stellar dance scenes, Bollywood films offer Hindi-language learners an opportunity to experience the Indian culture and learn the Hindi that's spoken in everyday scenarios.

Fun facts about Hindi

There are many English words that come from Hindi, such as bungalow, jungle, looting, cheetah, avatar, and thug. Hindi and Urdu are mutually intelligible but use different scripts. Hindi, as mentioned above, uses Devanagari whereas Urdu uses Arabic script.

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