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Watch Grace as she navigates Paris with her new language skills.
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Traveling in France

France is Europe's most diverse, tasty, and, in many ways, exciting country to explore. It's a place of gentle beauty, where the play of light transforms the routine into the exceptional. Here, travelers are treated to a blend of man-made and natural beauty like nowhere else in Europe. With luxuriant forests, forever coastlines, truly grand canyons, and Europe's highest mountain ranges, France has a cover-girl beauty from top to bottom. You'll also discover a dizzying array of artistic and architectural wonders — soaring cathedrals, chandeliered châteaux, and museums filled with the cultural icons of the Western world.

The Eiffel Tower was at one time the world's largest billboard. Between 1925 and 1934, a quarter-million colored bulbs spelled out the French car company Citroën in 100-foot vertical letters. The display was so bright that Charles Lindbergh used it as a navigation aid when he landed in Paris on his 1927 solo trans-Atlantic flight. Learn More

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Why should you
learn French?


The French language

Learn French and speak with the French—and with over 120 million Africans, the French Guineans in South America, millions of Canadians, and many more people around the world. Needless to say, learning French will give you a distinct advantage both in travel and in the workforce.

A history of the French language

By learning French, you will be learning "the language of love"—maybe. It's a bit of a stretch to assume that French is the language of love—much like it's somewhat skewed to think that it was solely the glittering lights of Paris that inspired its nickname, La Ville-Lumière ("City of Light"). The term may actually refer to Paris as a hub for intellectuals during the Era of Enlightenment. The term language of love comes from the overarching term Romance language, which refers to the languages that arose out of the common spoken language—Vulgar Latin—used by the working classes in Rome and its provinces during the 7th and 8th centuries. What may be true about French being the language of love, however, is the passion with which the French do everything—from haute couture to haute cuisine, and their simple joie de vivre of everyday living.

French language tips

Ingratiate yourself with your soon-to-be hosts by remembering to say "please" and "thank you"! Learning basic French phrases and when to use them will go a long way when visiting big cities in France, and even in French-speaking Canada. Before you ask for directions or order your meal, don't forget to say "s'il vous plait" and "merci."

A new approach to learning French

Immerse yourself in French language lessons and learn just how lovely a language it is! Who knows? Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find a job in France one day and benefit from that country's standard 35-hour workweek. With extra time on your hands, you can start your grand journey in tasting all 400 varieties of cheese that France has to offer. Oui, oui! So, how do you learn French? Say "Bonjour" to your Rosetta Stone® French today! Download Levels 1–5 and start speaking immediately!