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Designed for your real-world language success.

Aim for native pronunciation with our speech-recognition engine.

With the Rosetta Stone® method, you'll speak Chinese from the very first lesson. And you'll receive real-time feedback every time you speak. Our proprietary speech recognition engine, the most advanced in the industry, compares your pronunciation to millions of native speakers 100 times per second. Instant feedback means that at every step, you'll know exactly how you're doing.

Practice your conversation skills in live tutoring sessions.

The best part about learning Chinese is speaking it. And who better to converse with than a native Chinese speaker? We get it. That's where Live Tutoring comes in. At optimal points in your course, we'll nudge you to schedule an online session to connect with a native Chinese-speaking tutor for experience practicing your new skills!

Even though they're carefully structured to reinforce exactly what you've learned, these sessions are totally casual. And convenient, round-the-clock availability allows you to schedule your session when it suits your schedule.

Get introduced to millions of practice partners in our online community.

Languages are made to be shared. And when you learn a new language the Rosetta Stone® way, you're never alone. Our online community gives you exclusive access to millions of other learners—for the opportunity to refine your new skills in language games and activities specifically matched to what you're learning.

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What You'll Learn
Immersion in action.
From lesson one, the language you're learning is the only one you'll hear and the only one you'll use. With 250 hours of instructional content, see how it will work for you.
1 Level One
Gain Confidence by mastering basic conversational skills. This includes greetings, introductions, simple Q&As, and much more
Exchange simple
greetings & farewells.
Introduce yourself,
friends & family.
Go shopping
& place orders.
2 Level Two
Learn to navigate your environment and handle basic interactions. This includes giving (and getting) directions, using transportation, telling time, eating out, and more.
Transit and how
to get around.
Make and receive
phone calls.
Time & schedules.
3 Level Three
Learn to share your ideas and opinions, express feelings, and talk everyday life. This includes your interests, profession, current events, and more.
Health and well-being. Weight and
measure things.
important events.
4 Level Four
Learn to negotiate complex situations with accuracy.This includes communicating at work, caring for your health, arranging for services, and more.
Order food in a restaurant. Arrange for repairs
for your home or car.
Discuss your personal
5 Level Five
Discuss entertainment, culture, government, and the marketplace. Level Five is the place to refine and perfect your conversational skills.
Talk about work in
various industries.
Discuss pop culture,
arts & entertainment.
Converse about school,
work & studies.

Millions of success stories have started with Rosetta Stone®. See Mark's Story.

"I went to see my family for the first time in 42 years. We didn't speak the same language, so I got Rosetta Stone and started to practice."


Rosetta Stone® Chinese Reviews

I am happy using Rosetta Stone for learning Mandarin

"I have been using Rosetta Stone for learning Mandarin for about three years now. I enjoy the online Studio lessons as it gives me a chance to speak in Mandarin. I am third generation Chinese in Canada, so my native tongue is English. I only speak a little Chinese using Taishan dialect (a village dialect). I am now living in Vancouver, BC, Canada where I hear more Mandarin being spoken now as there are many immigrants from China and Taiwan. Now I am able to understand and speak some Mandarin with them, so I am pleased. Recently, a relative came here from Taiwan for a visit. I tried speaking to her in Mandarin. Although my Mandarin is still limited, she was impressed with what I could say. I find that using this program is better than attending a school as I can repeat the lessons as many times as I want to and at a time convenient to me. I have recommended Rosetta Stone to some of my friends who want to learn Mandarin."



Great way to learn a new language skill.

"Rosetta Stone is the way to grow into a new language and open doors to great cultural experiences. Native people appreciate the effort and make it easy to transition and enjoy the interaction. I have courses in Spanish, Italian and Chinese, Tagalog is next! Thanks Rosetta Stone, for helping to turn my bucket list travels into marvelous cultural experiences."


-Gary Rozier

The heavyweight champ of languages.

Chinese (Mandarin) is the heavyweight champ of languages, with some 900 million native speakers representing 14 percent of the world's population. It is the official language mainland China and Taiwan and one of the four official languages of Singapore. Written Chinese is considered to be the longest continuously used writing system in the world.

The Great Wall of China stretches more than 5,000 miles from the east to the west of the country. That'd be like building a wall from New York City to Los Angeles—and back again.

Why Should You Learn Chinese?

Learn Mandarin and step into a world of ancient traditions and contemporary realities.

Who is learning Chinese (Mandarin)?

Whether planning to study abroad, take an international assignment, or meet your new partner's parents for the first time, you may need to learn more than a stiff "Hello, how are you?" to get along—especially if Mandarin Chinese is the language you need. Mandarin has been called the language of champions—difficult to learn but the language of a nation that's driving into the role of a world power. Knowing this, it's expected that our business leaders will want to take on this complex but lovely language to get an upper hand.

Learning Mandarin Chinese is important for global businesses.

Although the majority of Mandarin speakers live within the borders of China, there's more and more need for Mandarin speakers off shore, thanks to the world-shrinking properties of the Internet and the growing number of expatriates moving into our neighborhoods. So it stands to reason that learning Mandarin isn't just a good move for businesspeople, but for anyone inclined to broaden their scope of communication.

A new way to learn Chinese.

Learn Mandarin and step into a world of ancient traditions and contemporary realities. Rosetta Stone® Mandarin Chinese will have you speaking instantly—and you'll find yourself on a fast track to conversing with your child's Chinese playmate down the block or your new boss across the globe in Shanghai, China.

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