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Aim for native pronunciation with our speech-recognition engine.

With the Rosetta Stone® method, you'll speak Arabic from the very first lesson. And you'll receive real-time feedback every time you speak. Our proprietary speech recognition engine, the most advanced in the industry, compares your pronunciation to millions of native speakers 100 times per second. Instant feedback means that at every step, you'll know exactly how you're doing.

Practice your conversation skills in live tutoring sessions.

The best part about learning Arabic is speaking it. And who better to converse with than a native Arabic speaker? We get it. That's where Live Tutoring comes in. At optimal points in your course, we'll nudge you to schedule an online session to connect with a native Arabic-speaking tutor for experience practicing your new skills!

Even though they're carefully structured to reinforce exactly what you've learned, these sessions are totally casual. And convenient, round-the-clock availability allows you to schedule your session when it suits your schedule.

Get introduced to millions of practice partners in our online community.

Languages are made to be shared. And when you learn a new language the Rosetta Stone® way, you're never alone. Our online community gives you exclusive access to millions of other learners—for the opportunity to refine your new skills in language games and activities specifically matched to what you're learning.

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What You'll Learn
Immersion in action.
From lesson one, the language you're learning is the only one you'll hear and the only one you'll use. With 250 hours of instructional content, see how it will work for you.
1 Level One
Gain Confidence by mastering basic conversational skills. This includes greetings, introductions, simple Q&As, and much more
Exchange simple
greetings & farewells.
Introduce yourself,
friends & family.
Go shopping
& place orders.
2 Level Two
Learn to navigate your environment and handle basic interactions. This includes giving (and getting) directions, using transportation, telling time, eating out, and more.
Transit and how
to get around.
Make and receive
phone calls.
Time & schedules.
3 Level Three
Learn to share your ideas and opinions, express feelings, and talk everyday life. This includes your interests, profession, current events, and more.
Health and well-being. Weight and
measure things.
important events.
4 Level Four
Learn to negotiate complex situations with accuracy.This includes communicating at work, caring for your health, arranging for services, and more.
Order food in a restaurant. Arrange for repairs
for your home or car.
Discuss your personal
5 Level Five
Discuss entertainment, culture, government, and the marketplace. Level Five is the place to refine and perfect your conversational skills.
Talk about work in
various industries.
Discuss pop culture,
arts & entertainment.
Converse about school,
work & studies.

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"I went to see my family for the first time in 42 years. We didn't speak the same language, so I got Rosetta Stone and started to practice."


Rosetta Stone® Arabic Reviews

Organic Learning From The Ground Up

"I have used Rosetta Stone for Portuguese and Spanish, and I am now using the program for Arabic. As a stand-alone system it teaches a formidable foundation, especially when the precision setting for pronunciation are increased. When combining with dictionaries, grammar workbooks, foreign film, conversation with native speakers, Rosetta Stone is a gateway to fluency. As a native English speaker, I have found that learning a language that utilizes a different alphabet is actually easier with this program, although the progress is initially slow. Being forced to think critically and make sense of new symbols to represent sounds leads to a deeper understanding of a foreign language, and this program is second to none for laying the groundwork for that understanding. I would recommend this program to anyone, and like anything self-improvement related, the results are directly dependent on how much time and effort that is put into practice."




"The courses are dynamic, easy to read, to learn, the audiovisual technical aids, are easily accessible, games and reading material generates enthusiasm in learning the language. Congratulations."


-Alvaro Leguizamon M

Arabic Facts

Arabic is an official language in most of the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of East Africa. More than 290 million people call it their native language, and that number rises to more than 420 million when non-native speakers are included. Although 90 percent of the world's Muslims do not speak Arabic as their first language, they use it regularly in their religious life. Most of the pyramids in ancient Egypt were built as tombs for pharaohs and their families. To date, more than 130 pyramids have been discovered there. The largest, the pyramid of Khufu at Giza, is made up of about 2.3 million stone blocks that weigh up to 15 tons each. It's thought that workers needed to set a new stone every two and a half minutes.

Why Should You Learn Arabic?

Learn Arabic and gain access to the official language of the United Nations and World Health Organization, and is spoken by over 260 million people worldwide

Interesting facts about the Arabic language.

To an English speaker, learning Arabic can seem like a daunting task. The script is different—and written from right to left—and the linguistics of the speech patterns are sometimes uvular and seemingly impossible to master for Western tongues. So why take on the challenge? In fact, there are a lot of reasons why Arabic is a good language to learn.

Arabic is the fifth most-spoken language in the world.

If you're looking to expand your communication skills, Arabic is a language that you should definitely consider. After Mandarin, English, Spanish, and French, Arabic boasts over 200 million native speakers, and over 20 million non-native speakers throughout the world; many of whom learn Arabic in order to read the Koran in its original language.

Arabic speakers in the Western world are in high demand.

When it comes to business, non-native speakers of Arabic have a distinct advantage over those who don't speak the language. Among some of the fastest-growing economies are those of Arabic-speaking nations—including Libya and Iraq. There are, of course, many work opportunities in political, military, and humanitarian arenas for Arabic speakers, especially those who have mastered Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and are able to expand on that base by learning some of the many colloquial dialects and formal versus vernacular speech.

Rich cultural history will expand your world perspective.

Like with any language, studying Arabic is more than simply learning the language; if you learn Arabic, you'll learn about the history and culture of an ancient part of the world. One of the first things any traveler will see when arriving in the Arab world is the beauty of the architecture and design of public places. Due to the predominant Islamic faith, imagery that includes depictions of people and deities is not permitted. Instead, intricate patterns and vibrant geometric details that adorn public gathering places will leave any visitor dumbstruck—except to say "how lovely" in their new language.

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