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Rosetta Stone – Support World Language Programs

Expand World Language Access

Today's budget and resource realities are forcing educators to make tough decisions on programs for their districts and schools. Shortages in funds, qualified teachers, or even limited school schedules force some school districts to sacrifice world language programs, along with the benefits of students learning a second language.

Despite tough resource challenges, educators can preserve or add language programs as part of the curriculum with our Rosetta Stone® TOTALe® PRO solution. It can be embedded into a school's world language program to extend a school's reach and impact on many students, not just a select few. With the TOTALe® PRO solution, resource-constrained educators are able to offer students the opportunity to:  

  • Learn and practice common words and concepts through a series of carefully crafted lessons that build speaking, reading, writing,  and comprehension skills

  • Receive immediate feedback on pronunciation through advanced speech- recognition technology

  • Strengthen language skills through various features such as supplementary online practice sessions with native speakers, and educational games and activities.

Whether the Rosetta Stone® solution is used in conjunction with core instruction or as a supplement, students can work on language skills at their own pace and still benefit from a teacher's individualized guidance. The flexibility of the Rosetta Stone program provides an affordable way to enrich students' lives through language learning.