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Enabling Language Learning Success

Prepare for Success

Successfully embedding a new technology or instructional materials into your curriculum can be a daunting task. As a partner to instructional leaders, Rosetta Stone® provides the resources necessary to ensure a successful implementation and rollout of your language program.


  • The Rosetta Stone® Customer Success Team focuses on your goals to create effective implementation plans
  • Customer Success team members provide ongoing, proactive support to program administrators and teachers to maximize the return on language learning
  • At the instructional level, teacher's guides and supplemental materials are available to support language content and assist teachers in extending language learning in ways suited to their own classrooms. The Rosetta Stone collection of materials, such as complete course content documents, workbooks, teacher's guides, and quizzes, are available for select levels of the English and Spanish products.

With the Rosetta Stone platform, you're not just getting an award-winning product, but an award-winning solution. Let us turn two decades of experience with thousands of satisfied customers into your success.