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Support Professional Development with Language Learning

Provide Continuous Professional Development

While there is a shortage of qualified teachers, there is no shortage of demands being placed on educators. The growing need for language learning and an increasingly diverse student population are just a few of the challenges facing the education system. At the same time, district and school leaders must ensure continuing professional development for teachers and staff, whether it is to improve communications with the population they serve that speaks other languages or to improve their own foreign-language competency.


Leveraging the Rosetta Stone® TOTALe® PRO solution, educators have the opportunity to:

  • Access language learning as part of their professional development anytime, anywhere that is convenient to their schedules

  • Learn the native languages of ELL students and their parents, enabling educators to take community engagement to an entirely new level

  • Target specific skills such as pronunciation or listening to strengthen their command of a foreign language through core lessons and interactive activities

  • Participate in online sessions with Studio Coaches who are native speakers and a small group of peers who have achieved a similar level of proficiency to practice conversational and comprehension skills

"A few months into Rosetta Stone, our staff is alive with the energy of connecting better with our growing ESOL population, the greater school community, and as professionals! Qué bien!"

– Dr. William Sterett, Principal, Woodbrook Elementary, Virginia