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Learning A Foreign Language...In 1st Grade
Every student who attends school on Pleasure Island, including children in kindergarten and first grade will have the opportunity to use Rosetta Stone. One teacher said, "We're real exicted to offer this opportunity for them.  It will make a major difference for them when it comes to careers later on in life."
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Students learn Spanish with iPads, Rosetta Stone
Vickie Webb's class of eighth-graders is using iPads equipped with Rosetta Stone software to continue their language education despite the lack of highly qualified foreign language teachers across the state.  Administrator Kenny Moles explained, "What we have here is a great teacher who makes great relationships with her kids, but is not a Spanish teacher. So this software and hardware is enabling her to help these kids continue to learn Spanish."
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iPods in classroom can boost academic time and resources for English language learners
Min Liu's study revealed that the ELL students used the iPod Touches to extend their learning opportunities well beyond the classroom and that they also reaped what Liu referred to as a "sociocultural capital" benefit. "Sociocultural capital" refers to the iPod being a resource that helps ELL students feel more like the English-speaking students and isn't something that sets them apart in a negative or stigmatizing way.
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Tampa's Academy of the Holy Names joins with other schools in embracing iPad technology
Last year, the school piloted the use of technology by allowing students to use their own portable devices, from laptops to smartphones, in the classroom. "We saw (the students') assessments go up consistently . . . their level of engagement went up," Fishman said.
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Applying to College? Make Sure You Have Options to Study Language
Look for a curriculum that offers you an international perspective and an opportunity to study languages. Although college is about learning, it's also about acquiring the necessary skills to land a job when you've graduated. World language skills have increasingly become a differentiator for hiring managers among graduates.
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America's Foreign Language Deficit
When elementary and secondary schools and colleges around the country open for the fall semester, millions of students will not be studying a foreign language.  Not necessarily for lack of interest, but as a result of other factors including shrinking budgets.
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Learning in a Digital Age: The myth and the reality
Learning styles, digital natives and immigrants theory, and the arguments that you cannot personalize learning in large organizations; or that SMS texting is dumbing down language; are all scrutinized and challenged in by Steve Wheeler.
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