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Ensure ELL Success with
Language-Learning Solutions

Statistics from the Census Bureau indicate that students not proficient in English will be the fastest-growing segment of the population over the next decade. English proficiency is critical to preparing ELL students for strong academic performance, graduation, and subsequent college and career success.

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Blended Learning

Blended learning means different things to different educators. What is constant when developing a blended-learning strategy is the need for the right technological tools. That's where Rosetta Stone comes in. The leader in language learning is available to students anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

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Common Core Opportunities for ELLs

Common Core State Standards do not draw distinctions between ELL students and the general population—a lack of English proficiency may impact students on assessments. Helping these students speak, read, write, and understand English is critical for success.

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Personalize Language Learning

As digital learning tools evolve, so does the capability to provide each student with an individualized learning experience.

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Accelerate Professional Development

Educators can also benefit from developing language skills to better communicate with students' families as populations diversify.

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