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Customer Success Stories for K-12

The need to produce global citizens is only increasing, while budgets and resources are shrinking. The following educational clients implemented Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite solutions and saw immediate results in their language programs. Learn from their successes to create the changes you need in your school.

KIPP Courage College Prep

KIPP Courage College Prep needed a technology program to support the goal of multilinguism for Grades 5-8. Partnering with Rosetta Stone allowed KIPP to complement classroom instruction to strengthen bilingual skills, provide personalized learning in a motivating and engaging environment, and improve performance on the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS).

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"Rosetta Stone has allowed us the flexibility to adequately meet the multilingual needs of all of our students."

- Eric M. Schmidt, School Leader, KIPP Courage College Prep

Baldwin County Public Schools

BCPS has built a curriculum that includes preparing students for the world of intelligent machines and empowering them to participate in the global community through language acquisition. The district sought a technology-based solution to provide students with the opportunity for long-term language learning.

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Guthrie Virtual School

The Guthrie Common School District needed to find a solution that could offer its 100 students credit for either the two-year or three-year language requirement without having to acquire full-time teaching staff. They looked to blend online resources with virtual classrooms to meet the Texas requirements to award credit for language courses.

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"I really think the Rosetta Stone program may provide more opportunities for students to practice speaking the language than they might have in a traditional classroom setting."

- Lead Spanish Teacher

Little Rock School District

Little Rock School District (LRSD) needed a language-learning solution to support a summer program focused on building language proficiency and literacy skills for English Learners (ELs).

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"The Rosetta Stone solution allows us to provide the perfect opportunity for our learners to experience self-paced language learning and monitoring for success. Additionally, it allowed the integration of technology and capitalized on student interests."

- Dr. Karen Broadnax, Director ESL Program

Obama Male Leadership Academy Case Study

The all male, public high school focused on developing students for leadership and service needed a language-learning program that could blend with classroom instruction, extend learning time beyond the classroom, and build confidence in speaking skills.

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Academy for International Education Case Study

The Academy for International Education needed a language-learning program to build bilingualism among all students through focusing on biliteracy in their native language. They combined instructional technology with pedagogy, creating a "technogogy"

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Bullitt County Public Schools

Despite seeing a significant spike in the number of English Language Learners (ELLs), Bullitt County Public Schools (BCPS) did not see enough growth to warrant full-time ELL personnel at each school. BCPS sought an effective, scalable program that could advance the skills of ELLs through independent study with a response-to-intervention (RTI) approach.

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"I believe that without the Rosetta Stone solution we would not have seen success with our ELL students during the 2011-12 academic year."

- Greg Schultz, Assistant Superintendent, Student Learning Division

Episcopal School of Acadiana

Episcopal School of Acadiana (ESA) needed a language-learning solution for third to twelfth grade students that would differentiate instruction for gifted students, allowing them to progress at their own pace and accommodating for their different learning needs. The solution also needed to serve as the primary instruction tool when language teachers were unable to attend school.

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"With the combination of Rosetta Stone and hands-on, small group work, our language teachers were amazed by the improvement in students' pronunciation and fluency levels."

- Anita Huval, Department Chair World Language Program

Trinity School

Trinity Schools needed a world language solution for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade that would provide personalized learning, allowing students to progress at their own pace through self-study. Partnering with Rosetta Stone allowed Trinity School to shift its language program away from a "one-size-fits-all curriculum" to a more individualized approach.

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"Language study through Rosetta Stone Classroom allows Trinity School to offer a 21st century approach to learning that enables children to become self-directed, passionate, and engaged global citizens."

- Megan Howard, Director of Teaching and Learning

Raleigh County Schools

Raleigh County Schools wanted an online language-learning program to expand their world language offering throughout the district. Due to a shortage of qualified personnel for direct instruction, the district looked to leverage technology along with qualified staff to continue offering existing language programs as well as to expand language choice beyond traditional world language offerings.

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"Rosetta Stone has helped deliver on our mission in making a difference, one student at a time through flexibility and personalized study the program provides."

- Kenny Moles, Assistant Superintendent, Raleigh County Schools

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