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Build College and Career Ready Students with Rosetta Stone Language Solutions

Open Pathways for Students

Intensifying competition in the global economy requires that today's students—the emerging workforce—be adept in many skills. Key among these skills is the ability to speak a second language. Unfortunately, in the United States, the number of primary and secondary schools offering world language classes is decreasing. In an increasingly competitive global economy, students cannot afford to be monolingual.

Our Rosetta Stone® TOTALe® PRO solution offers a 21st-century approach for building a bilingual or multilingual community. Educators can tap into the broad array of languages to ensure students are acquiring the skills they need to meet high school or college requirements needed to compete in the global economy. This enables students to:


  • Develop speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in another language in a self-paced environment that complements learning in a classroom environment
  • Build proficiency and confidence in any number of languages, including ones that give students a strong foundation for language learning in college or those highly demanded by employers
  • Interact online with Studio Coaches who are native speakers and enjoy interactive activities to further cultivate their language skills established through their teachers and Rosetta Stone lessons
  • Receive immediate feedback on their pronunciation or comprehension of the language as well as an assessment of their performance
  • Practice listening to and speaking another language with activities available on tablets and smartphones that are pervasive in a mobile society

With our TOTALe® PRO solution, educators can equip students with essential lifelong language skills.


"Language study through Rosetta Stone offer[s] a 21st-century approach to learning that enables children to become self-directed, passionate, and engaged global citizens."

 – Megan Howard, Director of Teaching and Learning, Trinity School