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Rosetta Stone: A Complete Blended-Learning Solution

Rethinking the way we teach

People throughout the education community are rethinking what technology can do, inside and outside of the classroom. As smart devices become more and more accessible, it's time to leverage technology to reshape how learning gains are achieved.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in language learning, and the leader setting the standard is Rosetta Stone.

Just as funding and class time devoted to language learning is shrinking, studies show that language ability will be a game changer for this generation of students. Let's use our new tools to help students gain an important advantage.

The Rosetta Stone®TOTALe® PRO platform is flexible enough to make a difference in every blended-learning scenario, from a flipped classroom to BYOD. With our leading technology-based solutions, students are able to:

  • Interact with online Studio Coaches.
  • Access the system at any time as part of a blended-learning solution. Students are no longer restricted to the limited amount of class time available during the school day.
  • Utilize a variety of devices to access the system, including smart phones and tablets.
  • Work at their own pace through unprecedented differentiation strategies.

You spend untold amounts of time, effort, and money on technology tools and infrastructure. Employ this new equipment in a way that yields lasting benefits for all of your students, including ELL learners, with Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO.