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Support Adult Education Programs with Language Learning

Strengthen Communities Through Adult Education

According to the 2007 US Census information, an estimated 25 million people in the United States do not speak English well or at all. For educators, engaging this population of non-English speakers requires a different set of services, including adult education programs. Unfortunately, such programs suffer when districts face resource constraints.

With our Rosetta Stone® TOTALe® PRO solution, educators have an option for maintaining ELL courses in adult education programs. Helping the adult ELL population achieve English proficiency is essential to building a strong community. As an online solution, TOTALe® PRO:


  • Provides anywhere, anytime access–an important capability for adult learners who have obligations that may preclude them from frequently accessing language labs
  • Uses visual clues and invokes puzzle-solving skills to help learners produce common spoken and written words and phrases
  • Builds the language skills of learners through conversation sessions with Studio Coaches who are native speakers and interactions with other learners in our online community
  • Enables instructors to individualize learning for adult learners who may have varying levels of literacy and different learning styles

Building the English confidence of adult ELL students helps them in the community and workplace, and builds a strong foundation for parental involvement.