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Rosetta Stone


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A completely immersive environment.

As a young child, your student learned to speak instinctively by experiencing the world around them. Our curriculum recreates this experience through a fully immersive environment on any computer.

No translation or memorization.

We've eliminated the traditional approach of using translation and grammar rules from our curriculum, empowering students to think in their new language. There are no flash cards, dictionaries or memorization drills.

A carefully designed sequence of activities.

By surrounding your child with words, images and the voices of native speakers, our curriculum lets learners progress naturally from words and phrases to sentences and conversations.



Start fast and stay motivated.

Unlike tapes, videos or books that passively feed you language, students will constantly interact with our program. Instead of repeating the same action over and over, your child will:

Hear, write and pronounce words and match them to images
Speak aloud to finish sentences or phrases
Refine their pronunciation by emulating native speakers

Retain what you've learned.

Our exclusive Adaptive Recall™ feature brings back review exercises to help students transfer what they've learned into their long-term memory.


Build your conversational skills.

Step-by-step, learners will gain the confidence to speak on their own. Students will develop their intuitive ability to create sentences from scratch in a conversational setting. Before long, your child will be in the middle of conversations and they'll be doing the talking!

Pronounce words correctly.

Our proprietary speech-recognition technology helps learners pronounce syllables, words and sentences in their new language, and provides immediate, ongoing feedback.