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Support Language Learning with Live Conversations

Strengthen Confidence and Speaking Skills with
Rosetta Studio

For beginning and intermediate language learners, one of the challenges is speaking the new language. When given the chance to speak, many students hesitate. Rosetta Studio® sessions provide students an opportunity to put their language into practice with a native speaker of the target language. Studio Coaches are trained to engage learners in conversation and facilitate interactive discussions in Rosetta Studio sessions that may include up to three learners.


  • Students build confidence and oral proficiency through live conversations with a native speaker and up to three peer learners in a controlled and structured setting
  • Students engage in real-world conversations and interactions with up to three other learners during sessions
  • Sessions focus on conversation topics and vocabulary that align with the student's current proficiency level, reinforcing newly acquired language skills
  • A small group size of up to four learners ensures all learners actively participate in sessions