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Rosetta Stone Research Studies

Does Rosetta Stone Really Work?

Are you still wondering if Rosetta Stone® really works?  Don't take our word for it; read through the research studies below to learn what independent organizations and academic researchers have to say about the effectiveness of our language-learning solutions.


Rosetta Course® Effectiveness Study
Independent research report from Queens College, City of New York, evaluating the effectiveness of Rosetta Course.

Rosetta Studio® Effectiveness Study Report 
Independent research study from Rockman et al, measuring the                   effectiveness of the Rosetta Stone TOTALe® solution.

Rosetta Stone TOTALe vs. Rosetta Course
Summary of the findings from several independent studies evaluating the effectiveness of Rosetta Course and Rosetta Stone TOTALe platforms.

TOTALe PRO Efficacy in K-12
Research study comparing the results from ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interviews, NOELLA listening results, and customer tests including vocabulary and syntax to determine the effectiveness of the TOTALe® PRO solution in a K–12 environment.