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Support Professional Development Goals with Rosetta Stone

Meet Faculty and Staff Development Needs

The borders in higher education are quickly disappearing. Faculty and staff are increasingly interacting with international students on campus, leading international studies and conducting research abroad. Staff members need access to language programs in order to build the language skills required to be successful in this globalized version of higher education.

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO solution offers faculty and staff flexible, self-paced language learning for professional development. Accessible 24x7 from any computer with an Internet connection, TOTALe® PRO:


  • Allows faculty and staff to build their language skills as their schedule allows, either on their computer or using our suite of complementary mobile applications
  • Immerses staff members in a new language. Online lessons take place solely in the new language, enabling faculty and staff  to not only learn to speak a new language, but also think in a new language
  • Enables faculty and staff to refine their conversational skills through live online sessions with Studio Coaches who are native speakers, and interactive games and activities with other learners and native speakers
  • Builds the critical language skills faculty and staff need to effectively communicate and interact with their increasingly diverse student population, resulting in better outcomes for students, faculty and staff members

Empowering faculty and staff to pursue professional development and enhance their language skills results not only in the improved performance of these staff members, but also in the enhanced reputation of your institution.


To learn how you can create a professional development program for your institution using Rosetta Stone, contact us today.