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Online Language Learning with Rosetta Stone

Transform Language Learning

Technology is transforming the way students learn and the way colleges and universities teach. In fact, 31%* of all higher education students now take at least one online course during their academic careers.

The benefits of online learning are well documented. Students have increased flexibility and access to course materials, while faculty can focus classroom time, if available, on one-on-one instruction and collaborative learning activities. While few are debating the benefits of online learning, there is much discussion around the best method for implementing technology on campus.

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO solution offers a scalable, online language-learning platform that can be incorporated into existing language classrooms or used to create new online language courses. The flexibility of our solution enables:

  • Universities to identify and implement the instructional model that works best for them, from blended learning  to wholly online language courses
  • Institutions to quickly integrate technology and online language learning into their language programs
  • Students to learn the core subject matter of the course on their own time, empowering language faculty to focus classroom time on one-on-one instruction and sociolinguistic learning
  • Students to refine their speaking skills through live online sessions with Studio Coaches who are native speakers, and up to three other learners
  • Students to socialize with their peers while putting their language skills in action with interactive games and activities in our language-learning community


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