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Support Language Learning with Mobile Applications

Unleash Language Learning


In a highly mobile world, Rosetta Stone® mobile applications provide students innovative ways to enrich their language-learning experiences when they're away from their computers. Access to these mobile apps is included with all Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO implementations.

Learners gain the flexibility to discover their new language independently—whenever and wherever it's convenient for them. Mobile apps enable students to continue learning and practicing using their iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, and select Android™ devices. Listening and speaking practice is also available on the go for MP3 players.

Rosetta Stone mobile applications include:

  • Rosetta Course® HD – Allows TOTALe PRO learners to continue learning and progressing in their focused activities anywhere they use an iPad device connected to the Internet
  • TOTALe Studio™ HD - Provides TOTALe PRO students the ability to participate in Rosetta Studio sessions on the go using an iPad with an Internet or mobile network connection
  • TOTALe Companion™ – Extends language practice and lessons to anywhere iPhone, iPod touch, or select Android devices are used
  • Audio Companion™ – Enables students on the go to reinforce newly built language skills by hearing and repeating words and phrases from their lessons