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How Rosetta Stone Works

Innovative Technology and Engaging Activities

With Rosetta Stone® solutions, students are surrounded by language from the very beginning. Our proprietary methodology uses interactive technology to create an immersion environment which activates learners' natural language-learning ability.

Using sounds, images, and text, we systematically build words into sentences and sentences into conversations. There's no translation or rote memorization, so students actually learn to think in their new language. All of this adds up to create a dynamic, interactive environment where learners discover how to speak, read, write, and listen in their new language.


The Rosetta Stone Experience

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO comprehensive solution takes our award-winning approach to another level. Learners start with core lessons in the Rosetta Course® platform. As learners develop language skills, they can tap into additional capabilities to reinforce learning, including:

In addition to providing a dynamic learner experience, the TOTALe® PRO solution gives administrators and faculty the reassurance of successful planning and implementation through the Rosetta Stone Customer Success Team. Rosetta Stone is both a solution and a partner for language learning.