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Rosetta Stone Language Solutions Support ESL/IEP Programs

Build English Confidence


Over 720,000 international students were enrolled in American colleges and universities in 2011*, an all-time high. This number is only expected to increase as campuses strive to attract international students and develop diverse student populations.

While most international students can pass a standardized English-language competency test, the language skills required to be successful in academia are often different from the skills needed to pass a test. Add to this the limited exposure and conversational experience international students have previously had with native English speakers, and many students find it difficult to integrate themselves into the classroom and campus community.

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO solution can be a powerful ally in helping ESL students build the English-language confidence and skills necessary for academic engagement and success. The TOTALe® PRO solution empowers ESL students to:


  • Practice English pronunciation in a safe, friendly learning environment using our proprietary speech-recognition technology
  • Develop English-speaking proficiency and build confidence by conversing online with a Studio Coach, who is a native English speaker, and up to three other English language learners
  • Interact and practice with other English language learners and native speakers through games and activities in our online language-learning community


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*"Open Doors 2011: International Student Enrollment Increased by 5 Percent in 2010/11." International Student Enrollments Increase in 2010/11. Institute of International Education, Inc, 2012.