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Rosetta Stone Core Language Lessons

Start Thinking and Communicating in a New Language with Rosetta Course

Students quickly build proficiency in a new language with the Rosetta Course® platform. The immersion learning experience provides a carefully structured series of activities and lessons that help students start thinking and communicating in the target language—without repetitive grammar drills, useless memorization, or translation exercises.  

In Rosetta Course, students develop core skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening through features such as:


  • Proprietary speech-recognition technology incorporated into lessons and activities to help learners improve their pronunciation and adjust speaking to match native speakers
  • Immersion-based methodology that replicates the strengths of a real-world learning environment and activates the brain's natural ability to learn language
  • Carefully sequenced content to introduce new vocabulary and grammar by building upon previous content
  • Immediate feedback on every response to help reinforce key foundational concepts and correct learning
  • The Adaptive Recall™ feature proactively brings back previous activities, helping to reinforce skills and transfer language to long-term memory

The interactive structure in Rosetta Course engages students, allowing them to not only learn a new language but retain it. As learners build new language skills through Rosetta Course, they can apply and reinforce learning in Rosetta Studio® sessions and the Rosetta World® community.