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Support Continuing Education with Language Learning and Rosetta Stone

Continue Lifelong Learning

Whether seeking to improve career prospects or simply refine language skills, adult English- and world-language learners recognize the benefits learning a new language brings. However, their schedules often make it difficult for adult learners to find the time to attend class. Adult language learners need a solution that works with their busy lives, not against them.


The Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO solution offers a flexible, self-paced language-learning solution to campuses seeking to extend language programs to these non-traditional students. With TOTALe PRO:

  • Adult learners are able to learn a language when it is convenient for them through 24x7 access
  • Students gain confidence and experience when they speak in live interactive sessions with Studio Coaches who are native speakers, and up to three other learners
  • Students reinforce newly developed language skills by socializing with other learners in our interactive language-learning community

Rosetta Stone allows adult learners to explore a language solution that works for their individual education goals. TOTALe PRO enables adult learners to improve their career prospects or refine their language skills on their time, not someone else's.


Contact us to discover how your institution can work with Rosetta Stone to create a flexible language program that meets your adult learners' needs.