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Flex your brain.

Language learning has been proven to improve cognitive fitness. Now Rosetta Stone offers you another fun way to enhance your memory, mood, concentration, thinking and problem-solving skills. With Fit Brains, you can train your brain in minutes a day, but it’s so much fun you won’t want to stop!

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An active brain is a happy brain.

It is important to keep the body healthy, and it is equally as important to maintain a healthy mind. Fit Brains helps you train crucial brain skills such as memory, concentration, problem-solving, processing speed, language and visual-spatial recognition. Best of all, our games make it fun to exercise your brain. Whether you are focused on your latest brain training session or just dropped in for a few quick games, Fit Brains will continue to keep your mind challenged and entertained.


Training tailored to your needs.

The Fit Brains system adapts each brain exercise to match your needs.

As you improve, the brain games automatically become more challenging in order to provide you with an effective, personalized brain workout.

  • Target all 6 major brain areas: Memory, Concentration, Speed, Visual, Language & Problem Solving.
  • Compare your performance in each area with others of the same age and gender.

Easy and accessible.

The Fit Brains system is easy to use, wherever you are.

You can log into your account from any computer with an internet connection. You can also train on-the-go with Fit Brains mobile apps.

  • Train your brain in minutes a day — anytime, anywhere.
  • Access your training from any device, including computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Available on Windows/Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle and more!

Enhance your memory.

Our memory system directly affects how we live and function in our everyday lives.

On a regular basis, we rely heavily on our memory to recall a variety of short and longterm items. Being able to recognize a person's face, recall meeting notes, and much more, are all direct results of an effective memory system.

  • Memory and new learning is a necessary and important function of your brain.
  • Your life story is built by encoding and retaining daily experiences, and your ability to learn from these memories.
  • Enhances important areas of memory, including: free recall, recognition, visual memory, facial recall & delayed recall.

Concentrate deeper.

We lead busy lives that are full of distractions that challenge our ability to concentrate.

To accomplish a meaningful task, we require a level of focus on that task to the exclusion of others. Concentration is one of the most basic and necessary brain functions, and all deeper processing requires strong attention.

  • Strengthen your concentration and achieve longer attention spans.
  • Enhances areas of vigilance, divided attention, mental calculation, visual processing & auditory processing.
  • Clearer and quicker thinking can lead to positive mood changes.

Build a stronger brain.

Research has found that regular brain exercise helps to improve and prolong healthy brain performance.

Brain stimulation creates new neural pathways and connections that can be used as a sort of 'brain savings account', allowing you to draw on this account at a later date. Studies show that many people operate at a high level of brain functioning throughout their lives by regularly engaging in complex and varied brain activity.

  • An active brain contributes to "brain reserve", which helps the brain operate at higher levels.
  • Brain reserve can be increased through activities that offer variety, diversity and complexity.
  • Brain training can benefit your brain's health across your entire lifespan.
  Dr. Paul Nussbaum

Scientifically backed.

Research shows that online training is an effective way to build cognitive reserve and increase brain performance.

Fit Brains is advised by some of the top minds in the field and strives to make quality brain training accessible and affordable to all. Our scientific efforts are led by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Paul Nussbaum, a clinical neuropsychologist and national leader in Brain Health. He is cited frequently by the media and national press including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.


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  • Train your Memory, Logic, Focus, Visual, Speed, and Language
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