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Language Skills Support Workforce Development

Equip Employees with the Skills to Meet Strategic Goals


Global competition for skilled and experienced employees continues to intensify, making it increasingly difficult to attract and retain the talent necessary to achieve the company's objectives. By offering the opportunity to learn a new language and acquire a valuable and desirable professional skill, companies can impact employee engagement and performance while building a workforce capable of competing successfully in the global economy. With our scalable, online Rosetta Stone TOTALe®  PRO solution, businesses can:


  • Provide language training to employees throughout the world in a broad range of languages
  • Help employees rapidly learn how to think and communicate in a new  language with the award-winning   immersion learning experience in the Rosetta Course® platform
  • Give employees an opportunity to hone their language skills in conversation practice sessions with Studio Coaches who are native speakers of the target language in Rosetta Studio® sessions
  • Ensure executives and high-potential employees can continue language training on the road with mobile applications for the iPad® , iPhone® , iPod touch® , and select Android™ devices and practice activities for MP3 players
  • Monitor employee usage and progress to track ROI on your language-training solution with the Rosetta Stone Manager™ tool


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