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Language-Learning Solutions
for Business

In today's globally and culturally diverse business environment, language proficiency is a strategically important business skill. Unfortunately for businesses, most of their workforce lacks this essential skill. Discover how implementing a language-training program can positively impact your business.

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Increase Market Share and Sales

The fastest-growing markets with the greatest long-term potential are in developing economies and in multicultural market segments at home—markets that often do not speak English.

Increase Customer Retention

As businesses expand internationally, it's essential to provide service and support in languages that your customers speak. Likewise, as the domestic workforce becomes more culturally diverse, it's essential to equip your non-English-speaking employees with the language skills needed to effectively serve English-speaking customers.

Boost Employee Engagement & Retention

Companies are constantly seeking ways to ensure their best talent doesn't flee for greener pastures. Providing ongoing learning opportunities to build skills that last a lifetime is an essential part of that equation.

Enhance Collaboration and Drive Productivity

Internal language barriers prevent collaboration and even more so, productivity. Language training can turn your globally dispersed and multicultural workforce into a powerful competitive advantage in today's international business environment.

Accelerate Professional Development

Global competition for skilled and experienced employees continues to intensify, making it increasingly difficult to attract and retain the talent necessary to achieve the company's objectives. Language-training programs help position your company as a leader in the industry.

Keep Employees Safe

As the diversity of your workforce increases, language and communication barriers increase the risk of on-the-job injuries and noncompliance with health and safety procedures. Rosetta Stone solutions can help you keep your employees safe through language.

Empower Expats

Sending valuable employees and their families on assignment abroad is an important investment of your company's time and money. Yet many expats leave unprepared to tackle the language barriers they face upon arrival.

Foster Diversity and Inclusion

Language skills and cultural dexterity are among the most powerful tools an employee can gain to better understand another's perspective.

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