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As the business environment continues to expand globally and bring all markets and consumers closer together, the volume of news and information that is relevant to your industry and individual career has grown exponentially. At Rosetta Stone, we need to stay on top of all the trends and topics that impact international business, so as we discover interesting articles, videos, and podcasts that make us stop and think, we will post links on this page to share the content with you. Check back on a regular basis for the latest updates, and be sure to register for our Rosetta Stone SmartBrief.

All Hail the Crew
Two years ago, the Yum! Brands embarked on a partnership with language-learning brand Rosetta Stone to offer its employees across the globe a chance to learn one of more than 20 languages at a significantly reduced price. When asked about why this was important for his organization Rob Lauber, of Yum! University said, "We saw it as a win-win opportunity for people who have a need … to take advantage of the opportunity to get pretty easy access and affordable access to language learning in a way that wasn't available before."
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Moscow's doctors to learn English to improve the city's image
A roadmap prepared for Russia's Ministry of Finance emphasizes the need to make foreign language competency a vital part of medical training for Russia's healthcare professionals."Eighty-five percent of world medical literature is in English. There's the English NICE Institute, which sets out the standards for clinical guidelines – that's all in English, too, and must be read.
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Bulgarian Policemen's Language Skills Problematic for Tourists - Diplomats
One of the gravest problems for foreign tourists in Bulgaria is the "language barrier" between the international travelers and the Bulgarian police officers, foreign diplomats have told Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov.
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Lack Of Language Skills Is Biggest Obstacle For Expats
A survey of senior managers in the global mobility industry found that over three-fifths (61 percent) believe that not knowing the local language is the biggest obstacle in the way of successful expat assignments. More than half also believe that speaking the relevant language is crucial to conducting business abroad. 
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Why English Is No Longer Enough
For 37 million people in the U.S., speaking Spanish is more comfortable than speaking English. The growth of the Hispanic population has translated into a powerful consumer base with buying power estimated to exceed $1.3 trillion by 2013.
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Latino Growth Signals Need for Change
Latinos are changing the U.S. And they, in turn, are being changed by it, which has profound implications for diversity workforce management strategies in today's organizations. Nearly three-fourths of the predicted growth in the labor market by 2020 will be due to Latinos.
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