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Building Advanced English Language Skills for a Global Workforce

English is the Lingua Franca in Business

While globalization has changed the face of business, English remains the most common language of the global marketplace. However, as organizations continue to expand internationally, their workforces are becoming increasingly diverse. In fact, 70% of the Global 1000 workforce is non-native English speakers, according to the World Trade Organization. Perhaps because of this, many global businesses struggle to:

  • Overcome internal language gaps, which impacts communication and ultimately employee productivity
  • Enable collaboration between geographically disparate employees, decreasing innovation and damaging overall business performance
  • Prepare non-native English speakers for expat assignments, increasing the likelihood of expatriate failure


Our comprehensive program for English proficiency was developed specifically to help businesses overcome these obstacles, and ultimately achieve higher levels of customer service, productivity, and safety. Discover what Rosetta Stone® Advanced English for Business can do for your business.