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What’s Your Dream Romantic Destination?

If you and your loved one could steal away for a romantic getaway, where would it be? In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d have a little fun—and tempt you…

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Join Us for a Black Friday Paris Adventure

Here’s your chance to score an exclusive Rosetta Stone® deal. Complete our Paris-themed Pinterest quiz and we’ll award you a special promo code. Not confident in your French trivia? Give…

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Rosetta Stone City Guide | Paris

Emma Neilsen, a Studio Coach manager with Rosetta Stone, was born and raised in Paris, France. As a native Parisian, she’s happy to share some of her favorite spots in…

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Rosetta Stone Confidence

I did not broker a million dollar deal, dazzle small children or amaze a large crowd with my Rosetta Stone language skills. I am a middle aged woman from a…

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