Santa Responds in Different Languages to Your Wishes!

When we asked you to tell us what you were wishing for this holiday season, we were blown away by the number of responses we got. Of course, we sent them straight along to Santa Claus. In the videos below, you can see what he had to say about your holiday wishes.

Alex Keith Pearce: ik wil een voetbal, kleding, en nieuwe schoenen

Lulu LovesYhuu Perry: je veux de la neige =[

Sharhonda Mahan-Photographer Oro: que todos los niños a través del mundo, se sienten que ningún dolor y sólo adoran todo a través de su vive. ¡También, dar una oportunidad justa tener éxito! Dios bendice.

Chris Denman: Ich wünsche für meine persönliche Elf.

Michael B. Palazzolo: Voglio salute per la mia sorellone ed i miei genitori…ma anche vorrei vincere la lotteria ;-)

RainbowTea Micheal Cde: Je veux un nouveau television mon tv c’est tres petit

Connor Nielsen: I would like the value of the Euro to go down so I can experience more when I study abroad in Italy next semester.

Chayna Bailey: yo deseo que pueda viajar a Venezuela y a Brasil para estudiar y volunteer (Spanglish lol)

Amya Vince Carter: I wish no school

Rachel Hite: Voglio una macchina nuova per Natale :)

Kia Krause: Ich will zeit meine familie!

Jen Shillingburg: Je voudrais une nouvelle anneau de mon copain.

Tara Buhr: I wish I had a piano so I could play tunes for kids.

Christopher Kling: Spero per la mia famiglia problemi essere risolto in modo che possiamo godere della nostra vacanza indieme…I think?

Mandy Montgomery: Que mi novio podria visitar por la Navidad o el ano Nuevo.Creo que el no puede porque el tiene que quedar a la casa de sus padres Para cuidar sus mascotes…Perl esta bien xq espero que en este momento el ano siguiente, vamos a estate maridos!

Kelvel Tucker: i #wish that every family in the world will be blessed all year round

Happy Holidays everyone! Don’t forget to check out the Holiday Tweet Map to see what people around the world are saying this season! Merry Christmas!

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