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[On-demand Webinar] Why Parental Involvement is a Must

Research has shown that one of the key indicators of student success is how engaged their parents are in their child’s education. Find ways to boost parent engagement and you make a lot of progress toward reaching your school’s goals. That is the reason why we bring you our latest on-demand webinar, “Make Language Learning a Family Matter! How to Engage Parents to Increase Student Success”. Click here to watch the webinar! Watch Jack Aylsworth, Technology Coordinator for Cincinnati Public Schools, as he describes the strategies CPS uses in their comprehensive parental engagement strategy. Reflective of Cincinnati’s large, multiethnic population, CPS’s engagement…

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[Free Student Coupons] 5 Keys to Effective Recognition

Extrinsic recognition for students who deserve it has been proven to positively affect learning success. That being said, there are definitely ways for student recognition to have the opposite effect if some simple guidelines aren’t followed. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when considering student recognition strategies. (1) Have a reason: Too often, teachers and administrators embark on a student recognition idea without considering what the desired outcome should be. How would you like to change existing behavior? Do you want to recognize good attendance so more students will start showing up to class? Are you recognizing student…

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How Learning Languages Increases Your Cultural Intelligence

by Fernando Sanchez-Arias and Rosemary Crawford (*) Negotiating internationally, studying abroad, being part of multicultural teams or working with multinational companies is challenging. Cultural intelligence increases dramatically when one speaks one or many languages different than their native language/s. Learning a foreign language increases one’s ability to be successful in cross-cultural interactions. According to Ann, Van Dyne and Kok, prestigious researchers in cross-cultural management, being culturally intelligent means mastering four key factors which allow us to act effectively in culturally diverse situations: (1) Meta-cognition: the ability to know how to think and learn to effectively interact with people from other cultures…

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10 Tips for Providing Meaningful Feedback to Students

Feedback can be a boon for student success, but it’s important to get it right. Here are ten things to keep in mind when giving students feedback on their work. (1) Out of balance toward the positive: Any feedback you give should be balanced more toward the positive than the negative. Some teachers aim for 5 positive interactions to 1 negative. Even 3:1 is a step in the right direction. (2) Surprise with the positive: When a student is doing the right things, surprise them with positive feedback. Think about making a surprise call home. It makes the student feel…

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OpenGlobe™ and Rosetta Stone® Discuss Global Competency

OpenGlobe™ and Rosetta Stone® are two companies who firmly believe that students need a unique, globally-competent skill set in order to succeed in the 21st century economy. At OpenGlobe, we produce both online and in-person tools in which students can learn about cultures other than their own. We currently offer products focused on China, Japan, the U.S., Germany, France, and Latin America. We feel that the mix of our offerings with Rosetta Stone best-in-class language learning products is the right step toward our students achieving global competency, the skills that will truly help them work and compete in the interconnected, multicultural,…

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[Free Calendar] Get Ready for Summer and Avoid the Brain Drain!

You might have noticed that summer is quickly approaching. The research highlighting the effects of summer learning loss goes back over 100 years. Its effects are particularly harsh on low-income students and language learners. Here are some easy ways for teachers to help combat the summer brain drain. (1) Don’t let them veg: Put together a list of free or cheap summer activities, both online and off, in which students can participate. (2) Online summer camps: Summer camps that are held online usually have themes, like coding or the maker movement. They also tend to be free (except for the…

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[Interactive Demo] Experience Rosetta Stone® for Business

Many people recognize Rosetta Stone as the leading personal language-learning solution. But it can make an even larger impact when leveraged across an entire enterprise. Business is expanding globally. Some organizations are finding themselves exploring opportunities overseas to take advantage of emerging markets. Others find themselves hiring talent from across the globe in an effort to remain competitive. Both situations require language and cultural competency skills to be successful. That’s why bringing Rosetta Stone® Business language-learning solutions into your organization can make such a difference. Some of those benefits include: Greater productivity Successful expansion into new markets Increased employee engagement A…

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ATD2016 RosettaStone Guest Blogging Series home Organizational Learning

Using the 5Hs to Be Culturally Intelligent in International Business

by Fernando Sanchez-Arias and Catherine Knotts (*) In an increasingly multicultural world, we are exposed to situations in which we interact with people from cultures different from our own. No matter if it is the new neighbor coming from another country, your manager or colleague whose faith is different to yours, or the Asian or Middle Eastern customer with whom you are conducting a project, most of us are increasingly surrounded by people with different cultures and languages and these differences can create clashes and dilemmas which, if not managed wisely, can lead to social and professional failure. How does…

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The Whys and Hows of Global Competency

The stated purpose of the country’s focus on college and career standards is to prepare our students to compete in the global economy. These standards call for skills such as critical thinking, collaborative skills, and technology. But very little mention is made of the skills that will truly help them work and compete in the interconnected, multicultural, multinational 21st century workplace. Collectively, these skills are known as global competency. What is global competence? Grouped together under the phrase “global competence”, these skills include: Teamwork Relating to people with different perspectives and backgrounds Critical thinking Problem solving Communication Why global competency…

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[Interactive Demo] Experience Rosetta Stone® for K-12 Education

Many people recognize Rosetta Stone as the leading personal language learning solution. But what many educators don’t know is that Rosetta Stone® Education offers effective solutions for the classroom. In an education system that is majority-minority and where English language learning students will make up 25 percent of the student population, helping these learners attain English proficiency is crucial. Meanwhile, the 21st century economy is becoming flatter, with workers from around the world contending for the same jobs and having to collaborate with each other when that job is won. Today’s students need language and cultural competency skills in order to…

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