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create engaging employee training programs with gamification home Organizational Learning

Create Engaging Employee Training Programs with Gamification

For staff training and development to be effective, it needs to be two things: efficient and engaging. Not only do managing staff want to share information with employees, they also need to impress upon workers how the knowledge is important in their daily responsibilities and keep them interested in learning more. One of the most effective new techniques for encouraging employee engagement during training is gamification. This non-traditional method involves the use of interactive game scenarios and critical thinking to approach business-related issues. The purpose is not only to make learning interesting but also to bring workers into the situations…

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do american employees work too much home Organizational Learning

Do American Employees Work Too Much?

It is not uncommon to hear workers voice sentiments about the amount they work. Whether in seriousness or jest, however, new reports indicate that American employees aren’t exaggerating when it comes to estimating how much time they spend on the clock. To lessen the potential strain that long hours can have on workers, companies may help incorporate certain measures into staff training and development to promote healthy work-life balance. Weekly Hours, Vacation Contribute to Workload Compared to people in countries around the world, US employees spend the same amount of time taking care of domestic or family needs as their…

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how much does that interview question really tell you home Organizational Learning

How Much Does That Interview Question Really Tell You?

As the economy recovers and companies vie for the most qualified applicants, hiring managers are taking interview innovation to new extremes. One of the most popular techniques is posing outlandish questions to potential hires and trying to decipher the nuances of their character from their responses. Does this strategy really work, though? According to Inc. Magazine, although the wildcard question may seem like a unique way of gauging a potential employee’s ability to think on his or her feet, it may not reveal as much about an individual’s aptitude for a position as hiring staff might hope. Rather, human resource…

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mobile learning for a global workforce home Organizational Learning

Powerful Potential: Mobile Learning For a Global Workforce

One thing is for certain: the mobile revolution has arrived, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Between smartphones, laptops, tablets, portable gaming devices, and other gadgets, people have become increasingly connected and are able to communicate with each other from anytime and anyplace. As a result, mobile learning is quickly moving to the core of many business growth strategies. The potential for learning via wireless technology is considerable. In fact, mobile training technologies may be able to resolve many of the problems that are hindering a company’s growth and expansion. A new report by Ambient Insight revealed that…

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adaptable language learning solutions3 Institutional

Rosetta Stone and ACTFL Find Common Ground

Recently, Rosetta Stone CEO, Steve Swad, sat down with the executive director of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Marty Abbott, for an all-encompassing Q&A interview that was remarkably frank about the issues that Rosetta Stone and the ACTFL have disagreed on in the past—as well as about a vision for how they can work together to advance the cause of language learning in the American classroom. Rosetta Stone in the Education Market Ms. Abbott starts with ACTFL’s long-time opposition to the idea that computers can replace a professional language instructor. Mr. Swad attributes that misconception…

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adjusting corporate culture to attract top talent home Organizational Learning

Adjusting Corporate Culture to Attract Top Talent

Despite hesitant signs of economic recovery and reports of stagnation in the job market, competition for the best and brightest professionals remains fierce. With so many companies vying for top talent, some organizations are making corporate culture the cornerstone of their attraction and retention efforts. However, according to a recent infographic published by recruitment consultancy Jobvite, there is more to securing the most skilled workers than free snacks and dress-down Fridays. Casting Nets Far and Wide It almost goes without saying that to find the best talent, human resources personnel must adapt to the changing ways in which today’s professionals…

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language training makes more than cents home Organizational Learning

Foreign Language Proficiency Makes More Than Cents

Although many business leaders have no difficulty understanding the practical value of second language proficiency, not everyone knows the financial benefits of being able to communicate in a foreign tongue. New research indicates, however, that the skill comes with not only soft perks, but a real monetary value as well. Language Training Brings Financial Benefits In recent coverage by The Economist, analysts examined the financial benefit that individual workers stand to gain when they have knowledge of a second language. According to the news source, a recent study indicated that a person who speaks a foreign tongue will receive an…

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unique commute home1 RVoice

The World’s Most Unique Commutes

Did you ever think that your daily commute could be something you’d look forward to? For some lucky people around the world their commutes are nothing short of spectacular. Are you as fortunate – or daring – as some of these folks? Read the Full Transcript The Stockholm Metro. Let’s just say the window washers have their work cut out for them due to these art-enthusiast riders. Wuppertal Suspension Railway. This unforgettable and still-working railway is electrifying! Ferry Trips. You’re not in Seattle anymore! Commuters and fun seekers alike enjoy this watery mode de transport. Zip-Lining in Los Pinos, Colombia. Bundle up your…

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value of virtual learning home Organizational Learning

Explaining the Value of Virtual Learning

The perks of online learning programs for businesses and employees alike are numerous. Still, for workers who may seem less convinced by these tools, it may be prudent for management staff to outline why virtual learning contributes to the construction of an efficient employee training program and a well-prepared workforce. Explaining the Logic Behind Virtual Learning If you want to impress workers with the value of virtual learning, take a logical stance in explaining the real benefits they stand to gain. First, there’s the convenience—once human resource staff has organized access to learning materials, participating employees can typically work on…

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investing in ell home Organizational Learning

Investing in English Language Learning: A New Path to Profitability

More than two thirds of the Global 1000 workforce speaks a native language other than English according to the World Trade Organization, yet more and more corporations are adopting English as their corporate language. This means businesses are at considerable risk for misunderstandings that can lead to losses of time and money. To ensure optimal collaboration, productivity, and ultimately, profitability, more and more organizations are investing in English language learning (ELL) programs for their employees. A January 2014 study by global research consultancy Illuminas actually revealed that 77% of corporate leaders estimate investing in English language training for their foreign…

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