My Nine Year Old Son Was Able to Converse with A Couple from Sweden

My nine year old son became interested in the country of Sweden and wanted to purchase the Rosetta Stone Program he saw on a TV commercial. He saved enough money to purchase Level 1 (Swedish) and finished this level in two months.

swedish this is my sonOn a recent family vacation to the east coast, we met a couple visiting from Sweden. My son begged me to introduce him to the Swedish couple so he could practice his newly learned Swedish language skills. My husband and I watched our nine year old son engage in an entry level conversation with this couple. He was able to express himself and comprehend the Swedish language from the couple. The couple was very pleased, of course, and my son was beaming with pride.

After returning from our vacation, my son requested levels 2 & 3 of the Rosetta Stone Swedish program. We bought these levels immediately and promised him a vacation to Sweden next summer if he completed the program and increased his conversational skills. As a parent, I am thrilled to see my son learning a foreign language at such a rapid pace. I think the Rosetta Stone Program increased his motivation and interest because he was able to apply his new skills with only two months of using the Level 1!


Cypress, Texas

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