Linguistics Breakthrough!!!

yigenuren1I’m a UCLA graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics. I’ve studied a variety of foreign languages for years, and have self-taught myself a few of them, but I have never seen, and am not aware of, any other language course with such a dynamic and rapid approach to language learning. It’s the only language learning regime I know of that teaches language in a “First Language Acquisition” fashion. Every other course I’m familiar with, which is quite a few, teaches in a “Second Language Acquisition” fashion. I finished all three levels of Russian in just two months, and I am reviewing Chinese (Mandarin), with all three levels of the Chinese language course. I recommend your courses, first and foremost, to anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a foreign language with the goal of learning that target language, because, being versed in linguistics myself, I can see that the designers of your courses are linguists, who are well-versed in phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics, the core areas of linguistics. You’re the best!!!


Los Angeles County, California

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