Kevin Scannell Live Q & A

On June 22, 2011, Kevin Scannell joined Rosetta Stone for a live interview. He’s the creator of, and a Professor of Computer Science at Saint Louis University. Using his knowledge of computer science, he compiles tweets in over 100 different languages.

During the event, viewers posted questions for Professor Scannell regarding the intersection of language and technology. Rosetta Stone took live questions through Twitter, Facebook, and our blog (marked with the hashtag #AsktheScholar). The event streamed live on our Facebook page.

Here are two excerpts from the interview below. Be sure to post here on the blog with additional comments and questions.

Part 1| Questions from Rosetta Stone

Part 2| Questions from the community

Special thanks to Duane Sider, Rosetta Stone director of learning, for moderating the live event.

Kari Johnson

Kari Johnson is a social media contributor based at the Rosetta Stone corporate headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Before coming to Rosetta Stone, Kari worked in film and television advertising in Los Angeles. She's also worked in TV news and in digital marketing for musical groups. In her spare time, Kari enjoys reading about puppetry and quantum theory. She has a BA in literary arts from Brown University, and speaks English, Finnish, and Spanish, with great variation in proficiency. She's currently working on French and Arabic with Rosetta Stone.
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