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Today we’re extremely pleased to announce Rosetta Stone’s first-ever application built specifically for the iPad device, the Rosetta Stone® TOTALe Course™ HD app. Working on this product was my first major project as a software developer at Rosetta Stone, so in addition to learning a lot about Rosetta Stone technology, it was also my introduction to much of the company culture.

While projects are in development at Rosetta Stone, they often have code names like Dogwalk or Viper, which we use to refer to products internally before they are given their official names like Rosetta Stone® Version 4 TOTALe®. The iPad app was no exception to this rule. The development team picked the code name Pelican for this project because we thought a bird would be a great mascot for a mobile product and also because Project Pelican was alliterative and fun to say.

Working on this project was a blast, and seeing the app come to life over a period of five months was a great learning experience—both technically and linguistically. During the process of making the app, the development team had to learn about special characteristics of certain languages—for instance, umlauts in German and Swedish or the various script systems for Chinese and Japanese. Our mobile apps development room in Harrisonburg, Virginia, was always abuzz with the sounds of a dozen different languages and developers and testers playing with different ways of making the experience of Rosetta Stone’s flagship product come alive in a completely different medium.

Rosetta Stone iPad app

A screen from the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Course™ App for iPad (previously called “Companion.”)

There was a real sense of joy and freedom that those of us working on the product felt and that I think has translated directly into the experience of using the app. One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we get about the app is that it’s fun, which is exactly what we intended. Going through Rosetta Course™ on the iPad device is fun both because you can use your hands to interact and because you can use it on the go, anywhere you have a wireless internet connection—in the lobby of the doctor’s office, at the gate at the airport, or just lying down on your couch at home.

I spent some time over the past holiday weekend just lounging around on my couch learning Spanish on the TOTALe Course™ HD app, and I was amazed at how much we’d accomplished in just five short months. Before I knew it, two hours had gone by, and I was learning all sorts of words in Spanish without really thinking about it. All of us on Team Pelican truly hope that this will be the experience of our learners. The TOTALe Course HD app offers a new way to engage with Rosetta Stone’s exciting learning techniques, and you’ll have so much fun that you’ll almost forget that you’re doing something most people think of as really challenging: learning a completely new language.

Now available for the iPad, TOTALe Course™ HD gives Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe learners an exclusive, new way to enrich their language-learning experience. This app is available to TOTALe subscribers, allowing them to continue their language learning success—anywhere they are connected using their iPad device. Learners with a TOTALe subscription can now use TOTALe Course™ HD to supplement their learning with access to Rosetta Course components through the user-friendly, touch-screen interface of the iPad. To learn more about the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Course™ HD app for the iPad, watch the video below. Download Rosetta Stone® TOTALe Course™ HD.

Wiley Kestner

Wiley Kestner is a software developer at Rosetta Stone. He graduated from Yale University in 2002 and lived in China from 2002-2010 where he worked as a translator and software developer. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and is learning Spanish.
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