About Simon Maloy

Simon Maloy is a Washington, DC-based media analyst and blogger. He studied Spanish in high school but had infrequent opportunities to practice it in the years following, and his speaking and comprehension abilities declined drastically. This became something of an urgent problem when he asked his Mexican girlfriend to marry him. Now he has a wedding in Oaxaca to plan and a whole new set of family members whose first language is Spanish. Simon used Rosetta Stone to reawaken his long-dormant Spanish skills and brush up on the basics, and now he's trying to build the expanded vocabulary and conversational expertise needed to assist his already-fluent fiancée in planning their wedding and to relate to his new in-laws in their native tongue. Simon is from Connecticut originally and graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in history. When not writing or learning Spanish, he makes pretty good ice cream and plays terrible golf.