About Michael Russell

Michael Russell moved to Taiwan several months ago with his wife and son. He came along as the self-described “trailing talent” after his wife found a great job there—and that meant looking for work. It quickly became obvious that speaking at least a little Mandarin would make a huge difference in Michael’s prospects, whether he wanted to continue his career as a lawyer, or if he were going to try a new path. However, the scheduling demands of settling into a new community and culture, job networking, and some part-time work—plus the cost of formal language lessons—got in the way, and he hasn’t made significant language-learning progress thus far. His son is now his best source for Mandarin vocabulary, thanks to everything he’s picked up in his preschool class. Beyond the professional aspect, Michael is excited about learning Mandarin just for fun, and for the sake of getting around easily, eating well, and getting to know people. He has a broad, but not necessarily deep, experience with languages. Michael lived in Italy for several years as a child and has since studied and used it occasionally. He also studied French and Spanish for several years, but he’s not more than passable at them. Turkish, Japanese, and Mandarin are languages Michael has dabbled in, but he hasn’t had the chance or motivation to really focus on them, until now. Michael looks forward to his experience with Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe Chinese.